Forrestfield Airport Rail Extension

$1.8B rail expansion project incorporating multiple stations and twin-bored tunnels connecting the airport to several towns.

Forrestfield Airport Rail Extension

Key Services

Review stations for access to roofs, services, plant, facades, internal cladding finishes and more.

MEWP studies for each station to ensure finishes and services over voids were accessible.

Plant replacements assessed to ensure travel pathways for personnel and equipment in design.

Coordinate reticulation of services in ceilings and mezzanine levels with compliant access gantries.

Roof safety and facade access equipment designed for each station, allowing discrete retro-fitting.

Technical briefs for contractor to coordinate installed systems as design/construct contracts.

"We reviewed each station for access to roofs, services, plant, facades, internal cladding, signage, and confined spaces."

Brendan Sutton

Founder, Director + Principal Consultant

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